July 2, 2021

Joshua Vine - "The Commissioning of Joshua" - Pinchas / Numbers 25:10-30:1

Joshua Vine -

Joshua Vine leads the "Hearts of Worship" ministry based in Jerusalem. In this episode he joins Frank to discuss the portion of "Pinchas" (Phinehas) from Numbers 25:10-30:1(29:40), and to talk more about the Joshua Generation.

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Joshua Vine


Joshua is a 20 year old Israeli soldier, who found his passion in musical worship leading through his gifting of storytelling in Media. His deep passion lies in glorifying the Lord through all that he can put his mind and power to, and strongly believes applying yourself 100% to all activities teaches a valuable lesson to apply yourself fully to God in your spiritual life.

Joshua started a ministry revolving around the idea of worshipping God in Spirit and Truth a the start of 2020 which aligned perfectly to the global lockdown situation of the Corona. The ministry is called The Heart's of Worship, also known as TheHow.