March 26, 2021

Gilad Rosinger - "A Holy Generation" - Tzav / Leviticus 6:1(8)-8:36

Gilad Rosinger -

Gilad Rosinger from Radiant Israel joins Frank to discuss the portion of "Tzav" (Command) - Leviticus 6:1(8)-8:36 and a Psalm 24 Generation God is raising up.

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Gilad Rosinger


Gilad Rosinger is the founder and CEO of Radiant Israel, which focuses on preparing the way of the Lord on Earth as it is in Heaven, reaching the nations of the world with the true message of The Kingdom in order to prepare them for the soon return of Yeshua, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Gilad and his wife, Magi, also founded the Radiant Group, a tour and special events company because they wanted to make an impact on their local and global community.