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Brian Greenaway is the UK Director of Maoz Israel Ministries. He is a Messianic believer but was raised in a secular home. At age 21 he became a believer in Yeshua. Brian is an Assemblies of God (AoG) minister and has been involved in ministry since the age of 24, going full time into congregational leadership 20 years ago. Brian has led congregations and has travelled extensively across the UK preaching and teaching. He is currently serving in a leadership role in his local congregation. Brian is married to Elizabeth and they have two grown up children.

Brian Greenaway - "Preparing for New Season" - Matot-Masei / Numbers 30:2-36:13

July 9, 2021

Frank and Pastor Brian Greenaway from Maoz Israel UK exchange thoughts on the new Israeli government, and discuss the last two portions of the Book of Numbers - "Matot-Masei" (Tribes-Journeys) / Numbers 30:2-36:13, and talk …

Brian Greenaway - "The Tabernacle of Moses" - Terumah / Exodus 25:1-27:19

Feb. 20, 2021

Brian Greenaway from Maoz Israel UK joins Frank again to discuss the portion of "Terumah" (offering), from Exodus 25:1-27:19. In this portion, Moses was commanded to take up an offering as he was shown the pattern of the Tab…

Brian Greenaway - "Concluding Remarks on Genesis" - Vayechi / Genesis 47:28(27)-50:26

Jan. 2, 2021

Brian Greenaway from Maoz Israel Ministries joins Frank to discuss the last portion of Genesis, "Vayechi" (And he lived). To find out more about Brian and Maoz Israel, visit