Dec. 24, 2021

The Vision of "Till Zion Sings" and a Prophetic Story About the Rod of Authority

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The first episode of the new show "Till Zion Sings". Frank talks about the vision of the show and shares a prophetic story about the rod of authority. David Guler joins Frank to discuss the first portion of Exodus, "Shemot" (Names) / Exodus 1:1-6:1.


It's the very first episode of our new show what is the Lord saying to us and what does he have in store for us this coming year right here on till zion sings

welcome to till zion sings a show where we proclaim the next wave of god's glory coming to the earth and connect with god's heart for israel this is a place where you'll find encouragement and strengthening and hear what the spirit of god is saying to the nations and to you from the northeast of scotland here is your host Frank Sui

hey guys welcome this is the very first episode of our new show or shall i say the new revamped show called till zion sings now if you're new welcome and if you've been a listener since the beginning welcome back now for those who don't know this show used to be called torah conversations where we discussed the weekly torah portion read in synagogues but in october of course the lord said to revamp it and finally on christmas eve the first episode is here so this is like a christmas gift okay so i'm really excited so if you're listening on christmas eve or in the christmas season merry christmas well in this first segment i want to share a little bit about just the story behind the new show and how it came about and what the lord is saying or has been saying about it so most of you know that this show started in november 2020 as torah conversations where we talked about the torah portions weekly torah portions that jewish people read in synagogues all over the world but we do it from a messianic and christian perspectives so we had one guest every week and over time god began to speak prophetically about some of the events that were happening in the world some of these portions also became a springboard for prophesying into these events so over time this show kind of became like a platform to share what the lord is saying which is always good because you know the word of god is living and active but over time the name torah conversations just doesn't fit anymore so this october as the last torah reading cycle came to an end the lord said to officially incorporate the prophetic into the show and make the torah portion into one segment of the show so this one show would effectively have officially two distinct emphases which is the prophetic and israel we hear from the lord and connect with god's heart for israel so i asked my pastor who is a nationally recognized prophetic voice for confirmation and this is what he sent to me asked god for a word for the podcast and saw a train on tracks coming to a junction and then the train became two trains at the junction and went along both lines he says i'm not sure if this means that the podcast would become two shows or that there are two distinct emphases in the show anyway i submit it to you so this confirms it one show two emphases but notice the symbolism of the train i had another dream um in october which when i had it i didn't associate that with the podcast but in the dream i was on a moving train but i was not inside the train but outside and i was standing on one of the steps on the edge of the train outside the door just holding on to the train and the train was running alongside the platform on my left so i was barely scratching the platform now the train is a symbolism which i have a history with in dreams and i knew that moving trains typically meant the move of god the glory of god so i asked my pastor again he's very good at dream interpretation and he says yes that's right that's what it means it means glory it means revival move of god but he says with the emphasis on the platform i wondered if it has to do with your podcast and then he told me that the left side generally speaks of the spiritual side of things so the platform on the left of the train now in the dream the platform was also not just that one stop but the whole journey he says well it sounds like a long-term thing then and then this reminded me of another dream i had back in 2013 where i was also on a moving train sat on the left-hand side of the train and the interpretation of that moving train was of course about the move of god but there was also another part of the dream before the moving train part and that part of the dream would describe a journey that i would be on for the next few years which unfolded exactly like it was interpreted in the next seven or eight years so now would actually be the time frame for the fulfillment of the train part which is moving with the glory riding on the glory train and with the two other confirmations about the train i believe now it's time to get on this glory train and ride with it so on this show we're going to be discussing and prophesying the moving of the spirit of god and the glory that's coming and of course we're also going to be talking about emphasizing israel more than ever because one of the things that i do believe god is doing is moving the subject of israel from the periphery to the center now one of the words in the prophetic movement which rings true in my spirit is that he is moving the prophetic from the periphery to the center but i also believe that he's moving the subject of israel from the periphery to the center so we're going to be teaching also heavily on israel now as i was praying and asking the lord what shall i call this show i heard the words till zion sings just out of the blue and i started searching my bible and i found it in isaiah 35 which said in verse 10 and the ransomed of the lord will return and come to zion with joyful singing with everlasting joy upon their heads they will find gladness and joy and sorrow and sign will flee away of course this is talking about the end of the age when the lord gathers the remnant of israel back to the land with the messiah as their king as their leader and they're gonna sing the entire nation of israel is going to sing to their messiah their king so till zion sings this until that time until he comes until all of israel sings to their king but then i read early in that chapter it said in verse 3 encourage the exhausted strengthen the feeble say to those with anxious heart fear not your god will come i was like this is clear it's the mission statement of the show encourage the exhausted strengthen the feeble and say to those with anxious heart your god will come in the midst of a global shaking and turmoil we are to bring encouragement and strength and prophesy your god will come and prophesy the unprecedented outpouring of god's spirit on the earth in the nations and all of this unto zion until zion sings praises to their god and shines like the dawn we are going to proclaim this so this is what the show is going to be about it's about proclaiming hope in the midst of turmoil prophesying this revival prophesy into the next wave of god's glory and invite the nations invite his ecclesia into god's storyline of israel or connect with his heart for israel and it's also going to be a place of equipping for what god is doing on the earth because he wants you to take part so we're going to take a break and when we come back i'm going to tell you a story about a rod we'll be right back

we'll be right back to till zion sings

hi it's lisa batchelor host of the mission suitcase podcast where we are unpacking all things missions and i want to give a huge congratulations to my friend frank on your new podcast till zion sings and i want to wish everyone a very merry christmas
hello frank this is guiomar from spain i want to say congratulations on your podcast i wish you the best and also merry christmas
hi everybody this is brian greenway uk director of maoz israel and i'm privileged to be the guest with frank previously on the torah portion and i just wanna send this greetings and best wishes for the new series till zion sings can't wait to hear what's on there so merry christmas everybody and blessings for 2022.
hey everyone shalom my name is yoav elkayam i'm a real estate agent from israel and i also had the honor to be the first guest in frank's podcast torah conversations and now i want to congratulatie you brother for your new show and wish you all a merry christmas
hey this is bethany wishing you a very merry christmas from canada and i want to say tune in erase my new podcast till zion sings this christmas eve you don't want to miss it merry christmas
hey friends this is frank sui join me this christmas as we hear what the lord is saying right here on till zion sings

we now return to till zion sings

hey guys welcome back now i want to tell you a story i wasn't going to tell this story but looking at the torah portion this week and the fact that tomorrow is christmas day is really significant just because the themes seem to overlap because the portion is the birth and raising up of moses the deliverer of israel and as we know christmas is also about the birth of a deliverer so the story i'm gonna tell you is about what god is doing in this hour which is raising up deliver us so in december 2019 i met a pastor of a church in the southwest of england in exeter actually who is a strong intercessor with a huge prophetic grace who loves israel now in january just before the pandemic she asked me to go and release a word over the region over exeter but also of the southwest in her congregation and so i reluctantly agreed so i was pacing around my room that night and not necessarily looking for a word but i was just praying and i had those sticks in my room leaned against the wall that were left by the previous person that lived in that room and i had my eyes on one of them and the lord said pick it up so i did i picked it up and the lord said here's a word go and tell the pastor it's time to pick up the rod so i messaged the pastor and said i has the lord ever spoken to you about a rod and she got so excited and said yes i'm like okay don't tell me and then i said to her i said the lord is raising up deliver us in this hour and the rod you have is the rod of authority in prayer and intercession now at this point i didn't know that prayer was literally this church's dna i mean it should be the dna of every church but especially this church it was birthed out of intercession a group of intercessors and prayer and intercession is still their main activity now i didn't know any of this so i began to speak to her about the journey she and her congregation had been on for the seven year period leading up to that point and i compared it to the life of moses and i told her some of the things that she and her congregation had to go through and some of the lessons that they had to learn in order to be ready to receive this rod and i said the lord says it's time to receive the rod and she just wept she said everything you said is exactly what we went through and i said there is a rod ready for you to pick up it's time to pick up this rod and i also said there is a rod of moses but there is also a rod of aaron there's the two rods working together which spoke of some of the connections and alignments that she and her congregation had to needed to get into alignment in order to function well but a few weeks later a few weeks later after i shared this word with her this rod showed up outside my house as you can see it's an interesting shape and if you're listening you can click the link in the description and see a picture and there's no tree like this nearby and i believed it was from the lord so i took it in i peeled the bark off tidied it up a bit and this is the rod and i later found out that this pasta also received a rod outside her house which she also peeled the bark off i'm going to show you a picture right now it looks almost identical and i believe this is a confirmation of the word about the rod of moses and the rod of aaron working together functioning together and i'm going to talk about what this means in a bit but i believe it was an angel that delivered these two rods to the both of us as a confirmation that he is releasing the rod of governmental authority through intercession specifically to the southwest but but certainly not limited this word is for the whole nation of the uk but also for the global ecclesia is that he is releasing he is raising up deliver us with governmental authority through intercession and this is especially fitting for christmas right because the government or governmental authority rests on his shoulders right so this is the word of the lord in this hour i believe not just for the southwest of england which has a specific assignment a specific mantle for the governmental authority but it's not limited to the southwest of england it's for the whole nation but not just the whole nation of england but for the for a whole generation for the global ecclesia it is that he is releasing he is raising up deliverers he is releasing the governmental authority through intercession over a whole generation he's passing out those rods he's giving the rod of authority to a generation he's been preparing up until this point to receive the rod and this is for you he wants to use your prayers to shift your nation he wants to use your prayers to shift a generation a culture he wants to raise you up in the secret place and send you out as a prophetic messenger to this generation and this is the picture of a global ecclesia and you know i actually believe that the two rods the rod of moses and rod of aaron in the hour that is coming actually symbolizes the jew and gentile the jewish and gentile part of the body of the messiah the body of christ because you see moses didn't have a purpose moses had a purpose but he needed help from aaron moses couldn't talk he needed support from aaron in order to function but aaron couldn't operate apart from moses aaron could only find his purpose as he was grafted in kind of to moses's purpose and the two rods function together this is the picture of the whole body the whole church the entire global ecclesia we are the rod of the lord the rod of the king to extend this governmental authority to shift things and you know part of this word also related to esther and king xerxes and as you know king xerxes extended his rod of authority and it brought about a divine reversal and this was also a major word the lord gave before right before the pandemic you know some of us are waiting and praying and seeing asking the lord when is all this going to end but the lord says i'm waiting for you to pick up the rod of authority in prayer i'm training you this is a season of training and this divine reversal will come when you learn to pick up the rod when you learn to use the rod of course the ultimate divine reversal is when the king returns when the messiah returns to the earth and this is what we look to till zion sings right but i don't believe what we're experiencing right now is the final tribulation but it's a dress rehearsal and the lord is training us to use this rod of authority to release this divine reversal and the lesson we learn in this season the strength that we've cultivated the growth that we've acquired we're going to need for the final tribulation to hasten the king's return and to bring about the ultimate divine reversal so this is the story of the rod and we are the rod of the king i want to tell you a personal story in 2012 the lord had given me one of the most significant prophetic words that pertains where we are now and he confirmed the word with you know crazy confirmations like snow and rain and flood but the same week when the snow came to confirm the word my dad passed away it was in april 2012 now the word of the lord had to do with a seven year preparation period and little did i know that when the snow came in april to confirm the word my dad passed away and it was the beginning of my personal seven years of preparation now my family was living in northern ireland at the time and i was in aberdeen so we moved from plymouth which is the southwest of england to northern ireland when i was 16 and when i turned 18 i moved to aberdeen in the northeast of scotland for university and it was here that the lord encountered me so i was visiting my dad during easter holidays and that was when the lord confirmed the word and some of you may remember the unusual snow and rain after a seven day intense heat but when the snow first came in april i was visiting my dad in northern ireland he passed away that same week so after he passed away my mom came over to aberdeen to stay with me temporarily for about two years and quite honestly it was a living hell because she wasn't a believer she didn't have hope you know i was a believer and the lord had encountered me but i was very broken as well so we kind of just inflicted our pains off of each other it was a mess okay it was a mess and two years later she decided to move back down to the southwest not to plymouth it was to exeter which isn't far from plymouth about an hour away and she bought a house there and we flew to belfast and took dad's ashes from belfast to exeter to be buried and i didn't understand at the time i said why exit her you know we've we've never lived there you know bury him in belfast where he died or bury him back in plymouth you know it's like an hour away from exeter right but she was like no exit her i'll say okay so we did and exeter has been the home which i've gone back to every year for christmas for the next few years it was a crushing season and then in 2019 the seven year preparation period ended with the passing of a prophetic man by the name of paul kane and the lord started speaking prophetically on many things and sent me on various assignments which we're going to talk more about in future episodes but some of you who know me would know some of the things that i was up to in 2019 it was a very sick prophetically significant year and then january 2020 this pastor in exeter asked me to release the word and the lord gave me the rod supernaturally and then the lord reminded me he said do you know why i had your dad buried in exeter he said it was so that there would be a rooting it is so that the ground of exeter would have your dna he says this is your rod of authority that i've given you go and tell the pastor it's time to pick up her rod now why am i sharing this because christmas is often the most difficult season for some

it's tough but if you're going through a tough time if you'll give it to the lord and allow him to do whatever he wants whatever he wills and embrace the crushing if needed and stand confident and secure in the father's affection towards you out of the ashes will come the rod of authority we'll be right back we'll be back to till zion sings

hey there friends yoni from israel from israel revival ministries speaking to you from jerusalem from the holy land from israel and i was asked how it is to celebrate christmas here in israel in haifa we have a lot of russian to celebrate christmas in jerusalem a little bit in bethlehem in nazareth in the muslim colonies and the arab colonies we see a lot of christmas being celebrated but friends what does it mean why do people want to celebrate christmas because of the joy and happiness the holidays they want to experience love and true joy and peace in the end jews and arabs and muslims and christians all coming together to celebrate jesus birth but we know that this is not this is temporary peace which they are looking for but what we all need as a human race as all people from in many different ethnic groups is yeshua the messiah jesus christ who came and died for all of us he gave his life in order to give us peace with god god bless you all bye-bye we now return to till zion sings hey guys welcome back to till zion sings and this is the segment where we discuss the torah portion of the week which jewish people all over the world in synagogues read every week and we're going to discuss that from a messianic and christian perspective and with me to discuss this week's portion which is shimod is no other than mr david ghouler whoa guys wow thank you hey hey everyone i miss you and i like your introduction i mean it's really cool thank you thank you you know it's it's really i'm really glad to have you i mean i couldn't think of anyone better to do these portions than you honestly oh thank you thank you i really appreciate it and it's our first portion of the first portion of the new revamped show exactly and congratulations for your new show and for for the vision you have and everything you're doing with this show i mean it's really um also exciting for me to be part of it because i see the journey you're going through and i'm really glad to see how you advance and then going through and and also build this show to something more you know something bigger yeah thank you well it's also christmas so the first portion that we discuss is on christmas day actually i mean christmas shabbat begins christmas eve but yom shabbat is going to be saturday so and this is uh this episode is going to air on friday on christmas eve so it's a really amazing christmas gift for us all amen for me and for our viewers for yes viewers it's not just our listeners now it's viewers and it's amazing i'm excited now everyone's going to see my face in life yes they know your face they can they can see i mean i mean they see your pictures and yeah and also i've got here my uh gingerbread latte and i've got a mince pie here also for snack i got some like roast potatoes and a bit of chicken left over from the last meal so and i got my lights behind me it's really yeah the red lighting yeah you have everything like the setting is is just so scissors yeah and you know what like this side of the the bookcase it's um you know it changes color oh no it changes oh whoa you tell me like tell me which color do i like which color which oh wow it's a hard decision actually because everything is so beautiful um i like the red actually you know the red is liking the you like the red yeah i just have this christmas look and christmas feeling you know yeah yeah i like it i like it a lot i think i think this is what i'm gonna do right if we have a new guest like every time we could just i could ask them what color do you want that side of the light to be and you can check out the guests you know you can get you can say for each guest he chose discord so it means that he thinks like that or like he's personally something like that i don't know you can right right analyze them yeah anyway anyway like we're not gonna waste too much time on this when we got ten minutes for this segment but it's okay but it's christmas and the portion i thought is really really appropriate because christmas is about the birthing of a deliverer the deliverer and this episode this portion we have the birthing of the first deliverer to deliver the nation of israel just like the savior of the world delivering the whole world from the bondage of sin so um i thought it's amazing and then you know in the last segment i've told the story about the rod do you like how i look holding this rod i look like moses you get the authority all right over there you know i feel like the the authority right here through this zoomy all right all right well well this authority is something that god wants to release to a whole generation amen this portion you know we have a prototype the kind of deliverer that god wants to raise up which is moses and we can also see we can also see the challenges he went through it's not easy to be a deliverer it's not something that you yeah let's do it tomorrow i mean lots of responsibility um yeah exactly so um what are some of the lessons uh you think that we can draw from moses's life it's interesting because when we think about also christmas story i mean how we cannot talk about christmas story right now of course yeah it's christmas yeah i mean why not i thought about it right now and like jesus also was in in some dangerous time when he was born you know and when he grew up he grew up with this uh really hostile king over his head which wanted to kill all the all the boys and he had to run away to egypt so there's something similar also to moses which he he had to deliver the people even though jesus was not uh raised to deliver their people the israeli nation from the romans he had to deliver them from something else but also moses we we can think that moses had to deliver is the israelites from egypt and pharaoh but he also delivered them from their darkness to the light of the torah and the light of of being god's nation you know so i think i think you can really draw many similarities many lines between these two stories and i think it's i don't think it's a coincidence what do you think right that's right that's right and one of the first things that i notice is that it's the context of god raising up deliverer it begins with a new king arising over egypt and there's chaos you know setting task masters over the people of israel and you know we have there's been a lot of political changes since covid and there's we had an election in um in america which many would call a fake election a stolen election but nevertheless god allowed it so that people would begin to cry out to him because is the israeli nation was living in comfort for 400 years majority of that 400 years but god needed to cause a cry to come out of this people so he allowed a new king to rise you know whether this king is in this case a legitimate king but in many of our cases it's not and uh he's setting taskmasters you know this massive control agenda all over the globe with covet and all that but god is causing a cry to rise up out of us yeah i might i might even oh i might even even object about the pharaoh being a legitimate king because he really he didn't remember joseph think about it joseph was really important he was a really key key person in egypt for a long time he saved this nation he gave them the the prestige even or all the food they had so i don't know if he was so really that legend judge to make you know right right right yeah the story i think the story of moses also when he continues you can see that he was part of egypt he was part of it but he saw he had something in his heart which told him okay something is not right here i mean i see my brother and sisters suffering under the egypt hand and he even killed egyptian uh officer uh just from something for in his heart so you can see this feeling is just the beginning of of his journey to being a deliverer he felt like he is not part of the environment he was living he he didn't uh get into his comfort zone of being an egyptian in the palace not not just in a regular common egyptian you know right right so it's in this context where there's a lot of political changes there's been a political change in israel in america in many other nations a crime is rising up you know even complaints and people are complaining and that in this context god is raising up god wants to release the rod of authority over people a delivering people a people of deliverers that god is going to raise in this hour and it begins with well it begins with um it's god's sovereignty to choose moses really but moses was first supernaturally preserved by god when he realized he is delivered he was called to be a deliverer and many of us you don't know you're watching this you're listening to this you don't know that god has called you to be a deliverer of god has supernaturally preserved your life you should have been dead but the lord kept you there's somebody there there's somebody watching right now you contemplated committing suicide but you didn't do it i'm telling you right now god has preserved your life god has preserved your life and he wants to use you to deliver many many more who's going through who's going through the same thing that you went through you're currently going through depression suicidal thoughts and god wants to raise you up so don't do it so you got to realize whoever wherever you are i don't know who you are but you're watching this right now you're listening to this right now i'm telling you right now god has preserved your life right now get on your nose with you cry out to god give your life to god right now okay so god has supernaturally preserved his life but he realized that god he had a calling but he had to learn a few stuff and one of the first things i noticed that he had to learn his compassion is the heart of god right because he saw this egyptian beating a hebrew and he decided to take the matter of justice in his own hands right so he he uh he took vengeance yeah he killed an egyptian he acted from his own heart you know i don't think he had many like he didn't think about it for a really long time he just had his feeling and just did it um yeah yeah yeah and he had and he had to flee and then it wasn't until when he had the burning bush encounter which happens in this uh um also in this portion yeah god says i've heard the crisis this time it's a different motivation for uh delivery is not from a heart of vengeance but a heart of compassion um for his own people so he encountered the heart of god and then god gave him this rod not this particular one

but i mean i mean it could be the same run you just can't no i mean yeah you you don't know but um wait that means the other that means that pastor's rod is not the real one oh my oh or there's two there are two rods one of them is the rod of moses and this one is the rod of aaron which sounds like a much better explanation though it doesn't it it's not really important which word it is right yeah which one it does it doesn't matter anyway but like the second thing i see is that well so the first thing i saw was um that the that he had to learn was to well to realize that he was called to be the deliverer and then to learn the heart of god compassion and but the third thing is right here when he received the rod of authority he needed confidence because he asked how are they going to know yeah that you've spoke these things you know it says i'm going to do these things and then says who sent you what what am i going to say when they say who sent you and god says i am that i am he says i am has sent you amen yeah so it's who the revelation of who he is and also the confidence that he has bestowed upon moses right just like jesus received his confidence from the father also yeah so what what do you think what do you think i think it's it's really important what you said about like god's anointing and and the encounter moses had with god when you think about it it just god initiated this encounter it's not that just moses really searched just god called him and took him from his life as a shepherd and i think also we can when we look at moses through this portion we see a really not not so confident person you know we can think about moses as this great leader and a person who did many great things but he started not with so much confidence confidence i mean he was really unsure and so yeah and had many doubts and questions and everything so that's right i think it's also a good um testimony for us to think that if we have questions and we are not sure about what we are going to do oh if we are ready for this calling that god has put in your life or my life or frank's life um yeah god is really patient i mean and he has this compassion he wants us to go to this calling and he knows that we are not really feeling ready you know because many of us don't really feel ready when we are going to to do this calling god just gave us or just this specific thing god is telling us but he says trust me you know he says trust me and i will give you everything you need all the tools and the road and and also all the the power and the spirit to do the and to do and say the things that they had to do so i think that when we see moses we can be encouraged that we don't have to be really confident but god will will fill i mean he will give the the rest of the confidence that you need yes yes and this is a revelation that just hit me i mean it's not like a new revelation but it's a it's a revelation that hit me is that you know many of you watching right now you know you say i don't have a rod i don't have a supernatural story of being given a rod god has given you supernaturally rod that is the spirit of that is the most supernatural thing you could ever person you could ever you could ever receive it's the anointing of god it's the authority that's bestowed upon you by the spirit of god there's nothing this rod physical rod is nothing there's nothing on this rod there's nothing magical about this rod it's the spirit behind it that orchestrated the whole thing that spoke this word that's bestowing authority upon you so god is going to make you realize that he has called you and he's going to give you his heart and he's gonna give you and so he takes this rod he takes this rod and he goes to farrell and pharaoh says nope did you think it's gonna be easy i mean did you like really went no no it's not gonna be easy yeah aaron is not uh not some some guy who you can just uh you know manipulate or something he was really onto his things and even we need to remember that god really um put a burden on his heart in a way you know we don't know how exactly but but he he wasn't really uh easy to to convince yeah yeah yeah but you know the last thing i saw was that you know he used the rod to exercise authority over faro to plead with pharaoh and he initially he didn't say let my people go for good he just says let's go into the wilderness for three days just to say three days yeah i think yeah to to to worship god to make sacrifices to god and pharaoh said no um and then he he put he increased labor the israelites so what a bad coincidence what a bad coincidence so when we pray things might get worse before they get better but god orchestrated this way because if things didn't get worse if pharaoh said yes all they would have gotten was three days in the wilderness true and and they wouldn't uh experience the ten plagues and the wonders of god yeah the things he wanted to show them how would they know god's you know you gotta want to show his glory you want to show who he is before he met his people for the for the covenant you know so beforehand he had to show himself and and that's that was the i think it's the best way he could he could show himself with the plagues with all his power and and how he just continued doing amazing things even though it looks like there's no hope god just continued doing amazing wonders um yeah it wasn't it's part of the journey it's not something like god had to improvise because pharaoh was not really going with this right right right he had a plan from the beginning yeah that's right remember that that's right so when we pray you know especially in this last season especially even last year in the whole election thing you know god allowed it why did he allow it we don't know but he has a bigger purpose but the encouragement is when we pray things when things get if seem to get worse god has a better plan so all we need to do is obey and that's actually another thing that we need to we need to learn is moses simply obeyed yeah right he didn't he didn't pray hard enough so to to to make sure he can conjure up enough faith for god to act faith is simple obedience support obedience it's that yeah walking in god's god's you're walking in god's steps walking in the direction he sent you and being obedient and also not using your charisma or your you know moses was not really a charismatic person you know we need to remember that and he he was like in the head of this nation for 40 years after that in the desert so it's not like he was the right person for the mission but he was god's person for the mission god chose him and that's the important thing i think yeah exactly well there's a lot more in this portion but this segment is uh is ending but we're going to talk a little bit more on this uh you know there's an extent we have an extended show for our premium subscribers our patrons so if you want to hear the full discussion on this portion as well as an 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